Birth Book

Planets, stars, and other orbital astrological objects have been historically used cross-culturally, cross-continentally, to assist in the pattern recognition of life. They are tools we use to tell time through the rise and fall of the Sun and Moon. We track the leaning shift of the Earth through the changing seasons. Stars give us direction. Over the past few years, I've developed growing interest in spatial awareness. More specifically, how things feel through space and how I relate to them. I'm a living being on this planet which is essentially in free fall through the cosmos held in place by gravity from the Sun. I can't help but connect my existence in coordination with what happens outside of the planet I inhibit. Astrology may or may not be real, but it is something that I believe is worth exploring - the effects of moving plantary bodies in connection with our own physical human bodies. In July of 2020, friends of our family had a baby. As a gift, I gathered astrological charts sourced from online websites for the family so they could read how the cosmos may connect with their new born child.