(b.1989)   I reside in the homelands, unceded territory, of the Shawnee people and believe that our (human) existence on Earth is dependent on the return of stolen land to its rightful Indigenous stewards. I am currently an MFA candidate at Portland State University, through the Art + Social Practice Program where I recently worked as a research assistant for Portland State University's Art + Social Practice Archive. Before working towards my MFA, I worked an upward of 6 years at the educational publishing company, McGraw-Hill Education, as a media designer. I am in awe of ontology; how being and our perceptions of realty exist against one another. And, how reality is mediated, dictated back to us in varying forms. I’m deeply invested in vast inversion of imperial/masculine archetypes, power dynamics, and ideologies. And, the reduction of hyper categorical, industrialized, research. 

Contact: rebeccalcopper@gmail.com